Divorce & Separation

How Can We Help?

We recognize that this is a stressful and frightening moment for you, which is why Immagration For Law has a specialized legal staff to handle the difficulties of divorce and separation.

Unfortunately, divorce in the UK is handled in the same way regardless of the cause. Therefore, “amicable” divorces must follow the same process as those that are contentious. To achieve the best result and representation, it is therefore best that you speak with our legal team.

Legal Aid Availability for Divorce Cases

Legal Aid was sadly discontinued in 2013 for all divorce proceedings, while it is still available in some cases of domestic abuse.

When you phone Immagration For Law, a member of our staff may walk you through our fixed-fee divorce package.

What Do We Need?

You will receive guidance from your attorney regarding all of the specifics of your divorce case, any issues that can cause a delay, and your legal options. Additionally, our attorneys will provide you with a road map outlining your alternatives for the future and the next course of action. Along the process, we’ll also try to minimize any potential problems that can end up harming our chances in this situation.

Why Choose Us

Immagration For Law is a multi-service company that offers legal services to both individuals and corporations. We have great relationships with our clients and frequently assist them when they are most in need. Technology and practice have advanced significantly in recent years, and we have had to adapt to these changes in order to

provide the finest legal representation possible under all situations. We will constantly strive to achieve the finest conclusion and justice for our clients. we take great pride in the principles and values we uphold at our company. We treat each case in confidence, and our objective is to effectively represent you, not to pass judgment.