Family Visa

What is a Family Visa

We comprehend how emotionally and lonely it can be to be apart from one’s family or spouse. Immagration For Law can assist you if you’re attempting to bring your spouse or other family members who were born abroad to the UK. You can get in touch with us right away to discuss options for your family and spouse visa with one of our knowledgeable immigration lawyers.

Finding the appropriate visa for your scenario is essential due to the wide variety of visa kinds; our Immagration For Law will meet with you for this purpose and further get to know you and your needs. This will enable us to create a strategy that meets your needs and find the appropriate visa.

You will supply the necessary data and information for your family visa application. And our Immagration For Law will handle the time-consuming and challenging chores.

How long is a spouse visa issued for?

The country from where a spouse visa was issued determines how long it will last. The visa is valid for 30 months if it was issued while you were in the UK, and for 33 months. If it was issued the other way around. When your visa is about to expire, our attorney can help you extend it to five years.

You can reapply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK once some time has passed. To learn more about the situation, you can contact Website Name.

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