Magistrate Court Representation

How Can We Help?

Since most criminal cases start in magistrate court, it has some significance.

Obtaining legal counsel at this early stage may be crucial for the case as a whole. A knowledgeable Website Name or barrister will almost definitely represent the prosecution.

Due to their expertise in these situations and their training, our attorneys can offer the support you require.

Private Representation in the Magistrates’ Court

We can represent you on a private basis if you are not eligible for legal aid. There are no unexpected fees; our fees are modest and pre-agreed upon with you.

What is involved in summary only cases

The least serious offense for which a defendant can be tri is a summary offense. Only the Magistrates’ Court may try summary offenses, and there must be a sentence fit for this kind of crime. For instance, Common Assault carries a maximum six-month prison sentence and is a summary-only offense.

You should contact our team if you are charge with a summary offense so that we can help you navigate the process and provide the best representation we can.

Why Choose Us

Immagration For Law is a multi-service company that offers legal services to both individuals and corporations. We have great relationships with our clients and frequently assist them when they are most in need. Technology and practice have advanced significantly in recent years, and we have had to adapt to these changes in order to

provide the finest legal representation possible under all situations. We will constantly strive to achieve the finest conclusion and justice for our clients. We take great pride in the principles and values we uphold at our company. We treat each case in confidence, and our objective is to effectively represent you, not to pass judgment.